Venice ♥couplegoal

Duration: 5 days

Value: 466 €/couple

Venice is the most unique and unusual city in the world. It is built on the water, in a shallow lagoon on the Adriatic Sea. History has turned it into a city of canals, bridges, architecture, art and culture. Its present significance is indicated by the amount of visitors to the city and that many other cities call themselves North, East, West, or other Venetians.

Follow the steps of the first Venetians who came here as refugees. Explore the labyrinth of the canals and travel through the Roman Empire at the time of the return of St Mark's mortal remains and the beginnings of Venice's existence as a highly influential state. Going to position Venice forces trade, which is why Shakespeare put his dealer here.

The offer includes:

  • Flight Ticket
  • Accommodation at “Hotel Ariston” 3* 
  • Breakfast for all the accommodation days

Venecia - couplegoal

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