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Stay: 5 days

Price: 249 €/person


Day 01: Departure from Tirana with a cozy bus at 04:00 in the morning. Short breaks along the way. After carrying out the border procedures, we take the road to Kotor where a short break will take place. After the break we continue the journey towards the Montenegrin-Croatian border. Upon completion of the border procedures, we head to Rijeka. Croatia's third-largest city, Rijeka, is a mixture of the 20th century and the Habsburg majesty. Arrival in the evening, hotel accommodation.

Day 02: Breakfast at the hotel. Visit to the main highlights of the city of Rijeka Known mr the name "Reka" - "Lume" and for the Austro-Hungarian architecture. Visit the old center and the attractive attractions of the city like Ivan Kobler Square, Model Palace, Fenice Theater, City Hall etc.
Departure to Venice.According to short breaks on the highway. Arrival in the evening, hotel accommodation.

Day 03: Breakfast at the hotel. We start our tour in the city of Venice with a boat trip to the island's main square, San Marino. We will stay about 2 hours to enjoy the impressive architecture of the picturesque bridges and scenic alleys. Venice offers full secret squares, beautiful Gothic palaces and lively bars. In every season, churches and museums offer greatness combining contemporary antiquity and art.
Departure to Verona, free afternoon, hotel accommodation.

Day 04: Breakfast at the hotel. The day begins with a walk in the middle of romance in the city of love, where you can still find evidence of the Shakespearean tragedy on the famous balconies of Romeo and Juliet.
Verona was an important Roman city and is rich in archaeological sites, the largest of which is the Roman Arena. It's easy to spend a long time simply by exploring the narrow streets covered with beautiful palaces that make up the historic center.
Continue by bus to Sirmione, on the shores of Lake Garda, the pearl of this area. The city itself offers short strolls, tourist attractions and breathtaking and relaxing lake views.
We continue the way of return and stay in the city of Split. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 05: Breakfast at the hotel. Croatia's second-largest city, Split (Spalato in Italian) is a wonderful place to see Dalmatian life as it really lives. Always buzzing, this city has the right balance of tradition and modernity. We will visit the Diocletian's Palace (a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most impressive Roman monuments in the world) and you will see dozens of bars, restaurants and shops flourishing among the old walls where Split's life has been singing for thousands of years.
Departure to Tirana.
Arrival and end of our services.

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